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About iPai (Shanghai) Auction Company Limited:

iPai (Shanghai) Auction Co., Ltd. is a Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise (WOFE) and an affiliate of the reputable American auction firm Auction Systems Auctioneers & Appraisers Inc. (Auction Systems), headquartered in Arizona, USA. With 18 years of history, this progressive auction firm has come to have a broad influence on the auction industry nationally and has been recognized numerous times for its high and consistent growth. It has a TV show in the US on TLC (The Learning Channel) & Planet Green, called “Auctioneer”.

Shanghai offers many options for quality goods but large retail stores come with over-enthusiastic sales staff, lengthy queues, and demanding prices that seem to increase every day! Instead of being told what items are worth, iPai offers a broad selection of contemporary luxury items, and allows customers to decide how much to bid for their favorite items. YOU pay what YOU think is good value. No more paying premium prices for high-end products, everyone leaves iPai knowing they got a great deal!

iPai’s fast-paced auction atmosphere is both competitive and refreshing. Click on the video to get a flavor of what it’s like. If you'd like to be a part of iPai’s exciting and fun auctions, we welcome you and your friends to SIGN UP for in-person or online bidding today!

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iPai Press Coverage

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iPai Awards

2014 Asia Pacific Winners


New Consumer Service of the Year


New Business Service of the Year

2014 International Awards

International Business Award medal

People’s Choice Stevie Award for Favorite Company
in the Service Industries category

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About Auction Systems Auctioneers & Appraisers Inc.:

Auction Systems was launched in October 1995 and conducts off-site, on-site and online auctions. Specializing in property valuation and liquidation, it has become the leading auction and Appraisal Company in the USA. Auction Systems has many multi-term contracts with city, state, and municipal agencies of the government of the United States of America, as well as a large number of individual and corporate clients.

Recognition for Auction Systems includes:

  • 7 years on INC Magazine’s highly coveted “INC 500/5000” list of fastest growing companies in the country.
  • Repeatedly ranked nationally among the fastest growing privately-owned companies.
  • Rated #15 fastest growing business overall in the US.

Auction Systems has come to have a broad influence on the auction industry within the state of Arizona and throughout the United States. The company attributes its success in part to its innovative use of technology. It began offering online previews of items available at its auctions over 10 years ago. Auction Systems also helped pioneer the concept of 'Simulcast' auctions, where in-person and online bidders bid against each other in real time, at the same time, creating an auction that spans the globe.

Through the launch of iPai, Auction Systems is creating a contemporary and consumer-focused auction market. This will lead to further advances in its use of technology to cater to an ever more technologically-savvy audience.

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iPai Showroom

iPai’s large auction room is now available for use!
The room has an unobscured view of the city skyline and is perfect for:

  • Networking, training, small & large seminars
  • Product launches, symposiums, and evening events
  • Can also be adapted to suit your needs

This multipurpose facility also comes with:

  • A large stage
  • Audio Speakers and Microphones
  • Projector and screen
  • Classroom seating for up to 200 people

To use this amazing space for free, incorporate an auction into your event! Let us know if you’re interested in having iPai host a small auction as a part of your larger event. Our auctions are designed to liven up any meeting or training program.

For all other inquiries and to obtain a price quote, please contact us for more information:

Telephone: +86 21 6115 6318


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